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Hydrate and Replenish Your Dry Skin

Sweet Orange Body Firming Luxury Lotion for dry skinIn the dead of winter my skin can get real dry! So what can we do to alleviate itchy, dry skin? I like to do two simple things that will remove dry, dead skin cells and hydrate my skin. First, in the shower I like to use an exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells. Our Honey Pear Sugar Polish does the trick. After drying off, I apply a body lotion and surprise, we have that… Sweet Orange Body Firming Luxury Lotion. And I smell delicious!

Sweet Orange Body Firming Luxury Lotion is a total body moisturizer for everyone! Universal citrus sweet orange has softening oils of grape seed, safflower, sweet almond, and shea butter. This lotion also has extract of ginkgo biloba and olive leaf, blended with white, green, and red teas and offers a HIGH level of antioxidant properties.

Most importantly our luxury lotion is enriched with vitamin E and vitamin B3 (Niacin), which is becoming more important for skin repair. Truly a multitasking ingredient, niacin promotes cell turnover, repairs sun damage and strengthens the skin barrier. It also boosts hydration and ceramide production (the skin lipids that retain water) by improving the skin’s natural barrier, making it stronger and allowing it to have a better defense against moisture loss.

Healthier cells translate into healthier skin. Uncover younger skin by exfoliating and moisturizing, and kiss dry winter skin goodbye! Enjoy!

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