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Spring Hydration – Hydrating and Face Mist

Hydrating MistWonder what a face mist or toner is supposed to do and if you really need one? You’re not alone.

Face mist, or what I like to call Hydrating Mists because it ‘s prettier and more descriptive, replenish and nourish your skin after removal of make up and cleansing. Even the most gentle cleansers remove essential nutrients that need replenishing, and your pH balance needs to be restored. Botanical hydrating mists, like ours, are loaded with beneficial antioxidants and soothing agents that transform how your skin looks and feels. Once you start using a hydrating mist regularly, you will notice your skin’s surface appear fresher, smoother, and hydrated.

Avoid hydrating mists and toners with menthol, witch hazel, or any kind of alcohol. These ingredients work against the substances that keep skin healthy. Be mindful and take a few moments to read all ingredients. Bad toners suck, and they are not beneficial.

How do I use mine? Right out of the shower I spritz with 3 or 4 pumps, then apply my moisturizer and eye serum, then I spritz again. My hydrating mists are also constant companions on a plane, on a boat, and in the fridge during the summer for a refreshing cool down. You can never use too much hydrating mist.

Bloom has 2 delicious botanical hydrating mists to choose from and help restore your glow. Cracklin’ Rose and Floral C. Each has their own particular blend of botanical ingredients and scents to fit what your needs and likes. So, much like Spring showers bring May flowers, hydrate and Bloom On!

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