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Simplify Your Life – Morning Skin Care

Morning Skin CareYour morning skin care regimen should never have to be difficult or time consuming. I am a firm believer in the KISS protocol.. “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Some of us may need an extra boost  here or there, i.e. acne, weather, age.. the list goes on. But your skin care regimen really needs to be simple, no one needs to overload on the product. My clientele have other things to do than worry about how much or what kinds of skin care products to use at home. In fact, we all could really have the same routine for morning and evening, just different products to suit our own tastes and needs.

I am slightly oily, and my routine goes as follows. In the shower I use Pomegranate Exfoliating Face Wash, as I love to exfoliate daily. And hey, no worries about over exfoliation with this product as it is loaded with vitamin C and is perfectly balanced to clean and hydrate. Right out of the shower, I love to use my Topical C After Wash Toner because of the light citrus notes. I then apply DEW Moisture Infusion Serum. Because I am slightly oily, serums work excellent for my skin type this time of year. Next, I use my Red Wine Wrinkle Reduction Eye Whip Serum. A MUST for anyone over 20 years old, as the thinnest skin on our face is around our eyes.. protect it! To finish off my skin care regimen I use my Topical C Toner again to seal it all up. Now I grab my morning coffee, get dressed for the day, and let my skin absorb all these humectant products.

And don’t forget the sunscreen! If my day involves the great outdoors, or just a walk downtown, I apply my Grape Seed and Passion Flower Physical Protection Sunscreen. This may sound like a lot, but in reality this regimen will take 3 minutes out of your morning, and the benefits are every bit worth it.

KISS, and here’s to a great day!



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