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Natural Skin Care Reviews

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  • I have been seeing Bev for Microdermabrasions and eyebrow waxing since I have been in high school which has been close to 15 years now. She is by far one of the most talented ladies I know. Her spunk and bright smile when you walk through the door is priceless and her love for your overall health and skincare is number one. If you are wanting to look and feel pretty, as well as laugh, I encourage you to come see Bev at Bloom Making Skin Happy! :)”
    Natalie Murphy
    Owner, Bridger CrossFit
  • Making an appointment with Bev at “Bloom: Making Skin Happy” is like making an appointment to see a friend. She is very passionate about healthy skin, but she is equally passionate about the lives of her clients! “
    Jenni McGhay
  • I have been going to Bev in the past couple of years for microdermabrasion and I recently started using her line of skincare products as well. My skin looks and feels more healthy and hydrated than it ever has and as I age this is very important to me . Best of all, my acne has significantly decreased and I feel much more confident in my “natural state” without makeup on. I really appreciate Bev’s insistence on using only the highest grade natural ingredients in her products. Thanks Bev! Love your product and what you have done for my skin over the past couple of years.”
  • I’ve never been comfortable with my face and I’m a huge “picker”. Montana is very dry and before I met Bev I tried numerous techniques to clean my face. Unknowingly I was drying my skin out and it created acne and peeling. My first visit with Bev was very eye opening. She advised me to start using more organic products instead of grocery shelf cleansers. I’m a yogini and like to eat organic and healthy so I’m not sure why this was such a novel idea to me..I was hesitant to give up the routine and didn’t like the idea of giving up on the techniques I was using, and feeling like I wasted a lot of money. Looking back I’m so glad I did! After using Bloom organic skin products I saw a major shift: almost zero peeling from dryness and a significant amount of reduced pimples. When I stick to the routine Bev prescribed (deviation is inevitable and so are consequences), my face is much cleaner and glows! Friends and family started noticing, too. It’s the best feeling to have a clean face.Almost more than the products, I love my hour with Bev. The space is well appointed with plenty of bright colors and happy vibes. Bev is a great listener and always lifts my mood and puts me at peace. I’m not sure what I’d do without her.”
    A very happy customer
  • Bev has made my skin supple, clear and soft. My skin is so clear and beautiful that I don’t have to wear foundation that I have worn for over 20 years. Bloom is a super hip awesome oasis. When you walk in, you are greeted with love, comfort, and Gary (the shop pug). Her new organic skin care line is amazing. I love the body wash, the topical c antioxidant cream, the red wine eye serum, shampoo and conditioner. I use it all and I suggest you do too!. If you want to feel comfortable, welcome, and walk out beautiful go to Bev at Bloom”
  • A few years into my thirties, I decided to make an investment in my skin. While boasting that I “earned” my newly formed wrinkles, it was honestly hard to say goodbye to youthful looks. I looked into injections, peels, light treatments, and fancy nine-piece skin care lines before I decided to keep it natural and to just focus on healthy skin. A friend recommended that I talk to Bev at Bloom.Bev got to know me and my skin immediately. My skin was in good condition; some blemishes and black heads to clear up. Bev recommended a microderm treatment so I tried it. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin. The micros definitely produced results, but it’s Bev that keeps me coming back.Bev is a fantastic esthetician. She uses (and creates!) only high quality, organic, sustainable products. She’s colorful, personable and professional and she really cares about her clients. I get a monthly micro to help me look my best, but it’s the full hour of uninterrupted Bev time that has me hooked!I’ve been getting monthly micros and skin care products from Bloom for nearly seven years. It’s my one splurge on myself, which is actually saving me money. Per Bev’s recommendation, I now only use two facial products at a time (Who knew that I didn’t need to buy nine separate creams and scrubs?). My skin has such a healthy glow, that I also just don’t wear the make-up that I used to. My cosmetic bag is down to an eyelash curler, mascara and tweezers. I don’t miss those expensive trips to the make-up counter!I turn forty this month. Last week, I visited with family that I hadn’t seen in months. Before my Grandmother even hugged hello, she said, “Wow, Jen! Your skin looks great!” I smiled a big smile back, proudly showing her the wrinkles that I’ve earned. Thank you Bev, for helping me age just a little more gracefully!”
    Jennifer Nebel King

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