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Organic Skin Care for the Eyes – Product of the Month

Bloom Making Skin Happy skin care for the eyes, red wine wrinkle reduction eye whip and black currant eye serum

If there was one thing I wish I  had known about skin care in my 20’s, it would be the benefits of eye serum. You know where those pesky little lines start showing the tell-tale story of our lives a little to soon? Being the thinnest skin on our face, our pretty eyes need extra protection daily. Organic skin care for the eyes helps prevent wrinkles, and hydrates the skin to help combat free radicals that lead to wrinkles.

What’s a free radical you ask? The free radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms (such as the skin) age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time.  While a few free radicals such as melanin are not chemically reactive, most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive. For most biological structures (again, the skin), free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage. Antioxidants  combat this damage because they are reducing agents, essentially shielding the skin from free radicals via a process called passivation. Who swallowed a dictionary this morning? I did!

Our eye serums are loaded with antioxidants! For the months of January and February we will be celebrating the protection of our beautiful eyes, especially in these winter months. Bloom Making Skin Happy has two lovely eye serums for the ladies and one for the guys.  Treat your delicate skin around your amazing eyeballs, you only have two!

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