COVID-19 and How WE Can Help

COVID-19 and How WE Can Help

Posted by Bev on Mar 31st 2020

Our timing is impeccable (sarcasm intended). The original intent of this post, as of about 2 weeks ago, was to happily introduce our new, affordable organic skin care line along with a new look. And while I wanted to dance with joy and shout from the top of the mountains about it, a much more important, meaningful, and significant issue is upon the entire world right now. Of course I am talking about the Coronavirus, or the COVID-19 virus. 

As you all are aware, COVID-19 has had a monumental negative impact on our society. As I was once a bartender and server for years, I am acutely aware that as businesses and services shutter indefinitely that hourly wage earners, those that live paycheck to paycheck, older adults, and those less fortunate will suffer proportionately higher than many of us.

My community has supported me for 24 years. So while I am delighted to share my new skin care line, I am more delighted to give back to my community by donating $2 from every product that is sold to a charity that provides direct relief to those experiencing extreme hardships due this virus.

The Greater Gallatin United Way (GGUW) and Bozeman Area Community Foundation (BACF) have partnered to rapidly mobilize resources to those disproportionately affected by COVID-19 in Southwestern Montana by co-launching the Southwest Montana COVID-19 Response Fund. Learn more about how the GGUW is helping those most in need, or donate directly, here.

This is a time that requires we all help one another. If you do not presently want or need skin care, please consider a direct donation. Click on the links to the charity above or simply give to a charity of your choice.

Many thanks for the continued support and love and believing in our product line. Please take care of your loved ones.. this too shall pass.

Bloom on lovely people, what are we if can't give.

With Gratitude,