Stay Safe - Stay Positive - Stay Hydrated

Stay Safe - Stay Positive - Stay Hydrated

Posted by Bev! on Apr 16th 2020

Hey good people! May this letter find all of you and your family healthy and spending quality time with each other.

Springtime here in the Northern Rockies really means winter weather sprinkled with nice spring-like days that remind you that winter really is waning and, yes, summer is on the way.

As we continue dealing with this pandemic, I think we are doing a great job doing what we need to here in the Gallatin Valley to beat this thing. Social distancing and quarantine is working and I'm starting to see the light at the end of this rotten tunnel.

However, I am also noticing that lock-down mode and all this time spent in dry indoor environments is resulting in my skin getting a bit drier! I've been combating this with my Ocean Hydrating Mist, to the point where it's rarely not by my side. I am finding that it not only hydrates my skin, but lifts my spirits as well... such a happy scent!!

So this is a simple reminder to keep your skin looking glowy and radiant while in lock-down. The arid dryness of our indoor environments can have just as negative effect on your skin as the elements in the great outdoors!

Follow this simple regimen for healthy skin...

  1. Cleanse
  2. Mist
  3. Moisturize and apply Eye Serum
  4. Mist again!

And a reminder, while it appears that we may be "flattening the curve" and the light at the end of tunnel might may be coming, there are still countless amounts of people who are in dire straits. $2 of every product purchase from Bloom, that's every PRODUCT not every sale, goes to the Greater Gallatin Uniited Way (GGUW) Covid relief fund that directly helps those who need it most in our community.

Many thanks for the continued support and love and believing in our product line. Please take care of your loved ones..

We will get by. We will survive.

With Gratitude,