The "Dead" Collection

The "Dead" Collection

Posted by Bev! on Nov 2nd 2020

A Skin Care Regimen for the Changing Seasons and a Way to Help the Hungry This Holiday Season

Hi my friends!

Eating less, eating less well, or even skipping dinner - this is what thousands of people face across our nation everyday.

So let's rally together and make sure everyone has meals for the holiday season. To help do our part, we are proud to give you...

"The Dead" Skin Collection
A perfect regimen for the change of season to slough off dead, dry skin and achieve a healthy, radiant, and glowy complexion. So here it is, step by step..

Birdsong Nourishing Cleanser Ocean minerals make up this cleanser to wash away dead skin and help repair damaged skin (hyperpigmentation, sunspots).

Sunshine Daydream Hydrating Mist Help promote the absorption of your moisturizer and serum with our new mist that is reminiscent of Mediterranean orange groves. Invigorating, soothing and uplifitng!

Fade Away Creme Use day or night to combat and lighten those sunspots, age spots, and even eczema. Refine your skin texture and reduce those wrinkles!

Morning Dew Eye Serum Always protect the thinnest skin on your face - your eyes. Loaded with antioxidants to bring back that "wide awake" look to your eyes. Absorbs quickly and is great for those pesky dark circles and puffiness. One pump goes a long way!

So how does this help the hungry? For every Bloom Making Skin Happy skin care product sold, we are donating $2 to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. And to help you, we are giving you 15% off 2 or more of the items in The Dead Skin Collection. Just go to our website (use code DEADSKIN at checkout) or our Amazon store (no code required, discount taken at checkout).

With gratitude, you know our love will not fade away