Organic Skin Care

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For 18 years Bloom Making Skin Happy in beautiful Bozeman, Montana has specialized not only in organic skin care but specifically, you. Our core principle at Bloom is to provide affordable, organic skin care that helps everyone feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.  We believe this offers a pathway towards heightened confidence, self-esteem and respect for self and others.  We strive to live up to this maxim with a range of services using only our own line of organic skin care products. From waxing to microdermabrasion there's something for everybody.

Our core principle at Bloom is to help people feel beautiful and boost self esteem as a pathway towards loving themselves from the outside in. We believe improving natural beauty helps increase overall health and wellness and strengthens the mind, body, and soul. At our studio we work towards this goal by practicing only organic and all natural skin care. In fact, we believe this so strongly that we developed our very own organic skin care products to use in our studio. Now, the same quality products that we use in our skin care studio are available for you to use every day!

Bloom... Just Skin, Just You.

Organic Ingredients

Bloom Making Skin Happy organic skin care products are handmade fresh to order.  Every ingredient is hand selected to ensure it comes only from  natural, sustainable, organic or wild crafted sources.  Many if not most are grown using solar power, aquaponics, and rainwater. All our products are free of parabens, synthetics, dyes or harsh chemicals.

  • made in the USA with organic, natural, wild crafted and sustainable ingredients from the best local and international farms
  • grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological or sustainable manner
  • not synthetically produced
  • extracted using only natural ingredients
  • never exposed to irradiation
  • no GMOs
  • only eco-certified preservatives
  • no artificial colors
  • all recycled facility with no landfill
  • vegan certified

Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, retailers and restaurants. Requirements vary from country to country, and generally involve a set of production standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping. We use only botanical ingredients that have been certified organic in the USA.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Before we could distribute our organic skin care line , we had one very large, important question that needed to be answered first. How do we do this without contributing large sums of consumer waste to our environment? We decided early on that if we could not answer this question to our complete satisfaction, we could not in good conscience move forward.

eco-friendly-packaging.pngWe also know that you want to make sure you can feel good about our product’s packaging. So, to enable us to move forward with our organic skin care line, the packaging we selected is made from 100% recycled plastics and is recyclable. We use only 100% recycled PET containers. The proper term for 100% recycled containers is post-consumer resin or PCR. Packaging our containers in PCR is a great way to make our business more sustainable , environmentally responsible, and green. The PCR used in our containers is made from PET water bottles and soda bottles collected in community recycling programs. The discarded bottles are collected, ground, washed, dried, pelletized, crystallized and solid-stated back into plastic resin pellets which are finally remade into our containers. We are proud of our approach to greening our spa business and hope you are too!

Zero Landfill Waste

We also were very interested in reducing the waste created during the production of our skin care products. Therefore, we chose a facility that has taken steps to eliminate waste to help minimize negative impacts on the environment.  The production facility where our organic skin care products are created has adopted a Zero-Landfill Waste standard and recycles or reuses everything that comes through the lab.

Animal and Cruelty-Free

Our products are never tested on animals. But they certainly are safe for use on your pets if you so desire!

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Show it love by using our all-natural, organic skin care products.  Our goal is to provide an array of the best skin care products available for every skin type, all at affordable prices.

With each purchase of Bloom organic skin care products, you are making a difference and helping to improve our world by supporting the organic and cruelty-free movement. So check out our products, it will help make your skin beautiful and your world a better place.