• Radiant Citrus Salicylic Face Wash

    Radiant Citrus Salicylic Face Wash

    Step 1 of our Indigo Collection regimen designed to optimally cleanse, moisturize, and hydrate skin. Alpha hydroxy Acids (Glycolic 12% Lactic 4%) renews, rejuvenates. Beta hydroxy Acid (Salicylic 2%) clean, refines. Anti-inflamitory agents...

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  • Mint & Ginger Soothing Cleanser

    Mint & Ginger Soothing Cleanser

    All natural, organic foaming cleanser with Cucumber and Chamomile to soothe, hydrate, and nurture skin Essential oils of Mint and Ginger help unclog pores, balance oily patches, and prevent breakouts while offering smoothness and...

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