Sunshine Daydream Face Mist

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  • KEEPS YOUR SKIN MOISTURIZED - Our facial mist helps you achieve radiant, hydrated skin when used after cleansing and moisturizing. It naturally stimulates your skin, promoting absorption of moisturizer for a healthy glow.

  • SOOTHES THE SKIN - This face toner helps balance the pH level of your skin and remove excess dirt and oil. A natural astringent for face, it contains anti microbial properties to nourish, soothe, and clear your complexion.

  • REFRESHING SCENT - Reminiscent of Mediterranean orange groves, our facial toner has a delicious citrusy-sweet scent made from purified flowers taken from the bitter orange tree. Feel rejuvenated with our refreshing citrus spray.

  • GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Whether you have normal, oily, dry, or acne prone skin, our face spray is a great hydrating toner and face mist spray. It's gentle on the skin, free from cruelty, and made with only one ingredient too.

  • MAKE YOUR SKIN HAPPY - Sunshine Daydream is a great face toner for women and men alike. Packed in minimal packaging with environmental impact always considered, our high quality skin care products will make your skin happy!

Looking for a refreshing facial mist spray that you can use all throughout the day and will not dry your skin? Bloom Making Skin Happy is here to help you get that hydrating lift any time!

Our Sunshine Daydream facial spray mist and skin toner naturally stimulates your skin and promotes better absorption of moisturizer. It is designed to help balance the pH level of your skin after being exposed to harsh environmental elements. Having a balanced pH helps reduce pore size and provide the perfect amount of moisture to your skin.

Ingredients: Orange Blossom (neruli) 

That's right, just one ingredient